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Craftsmen fascinated for more than 60 years

Discover the history
of a familliale company

histoire d’une entreprise familliale

A craft know-how
which mixes tradition and modernity

Un savoir-faire artisanal qui mèle tradition et modernité

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35, rue Maubeuge - 75009 PARIS - FRANCE
Tel : 01 44 91 91 21


30, Boulevard des Brotteaux - 69006 LYON - FRANCE
Tel : 04 78 24 14 48


32, Avenue John Fitzgerald Kennedy - 33700 MERIGNAC /BORDEAUX - FRANCE
Tel : 05 57 34 48 75

Usine Chalon sur saône

18, rue du Consier - 71530 CRISSEY - FRANCE
Tel : 03 85 46 55 45

Quality and René Pierre services

fabriqué en france

Billiards and Table football René Pierre
made in French
in Chalon-sur-Saône

60 ans d'experience

65 years of expertise
in the manufacturing
of Table football and of

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4 stores
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Service après vente René Pierre


French manufacturer of billiards and table football since 1952

René Pierre makes in France of the table football of billiards and billiard cues in his factory of Châlon-sur-Saône for more than 60 years. Previously booked for the professionals, table football and billiards René Pierre are accessible to the private individuals.

Buy a billiards René Pierre: the absolute quality

Billiards René Pierre is made in France in the purest tradition of masters billardiers. The manufacturing of a billiards requires until 100 working hours craft complex: joinery, cabinetmaking, tapestry, paint or work of the stone. So much skills necessary for the manufacturing of superior-quality professional billiards.
Discover our collection of table convertible billiards in our stores of billiards in Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux or Châlon-sur-Saône or buy your online billiards since our eBoutique.

Buy a table football René Pierre: the pleasure of the game

Table football René Pierre are conceived to last. Because the pleasure of the game is passed on from generation to generation, we design table football ally robustness and quality of finish for great moments of user-friendliness! Whatever are your needs, our range of table football will answer your expectations: professionals, to find our range of table football of coffee, table football of bar and our table football to forger, conceived for an intensive use. Desire to play outside? Discover our table football of outside conceived to live outside in all weathers.