The history of the company René Pierre

At the same time heiress of the tradition of billardiers masters(teachers) and big creators of furniture, the brand René Pierre occupies a special place in the universe of the billiards. From now on more of 62ans, René Pierre and his descendants are proud to create French and American billiards which reconcile quality of game and requirements regarding decoration.

It is with the same passion as René Pierre conceives(designs) and factory of the table football. The brand acquired since a world fame. The range evolves at the rate of the trends(tendencies) and the practice of this leisure anchored in our youth memories exceed from now on widely the only frame of the fans of soccer. Fast and friendly, the table football René Pierre makes too the bet of the modernity.

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In 1952, Mr. René Pierre founded his company in Ranchot, a town located in the French Jura region. He started manufacturing football tables in a garage. At the time, they were sent to the north of France to be sold. In April of the same year, he was given a clog factory by his town council. He then invested in a wood machine to make football tables and pool tables. This was the real start of his business.

In 1953, he bought a piece of land, to have a small 180-square-metre factory built. In order to meet rising demand, René Pierre has never stopped enlarging his factory and increasing its output. The ranges of football tables, pool tables and juke boxes were first sold to professionals who used them in pubs or game arcades. They were delighted to play with such solid and quality items and started building the firm's reputation.

Soon, the factory in Ranchot became too small to meet increasing demand and a growing number of new customers. Then, Mr. Pierre decided to build new offices expanding on 8,000 square meters. He moved to Chalon-sur-Saone, a town located in Burgundy, half way between Dijon and Macon, and on the major roads and activity areas. However, he decided to keep the first factory in Ranchot, which was then mainly used for storing and cutting wood. Since then, the company has been successfully growing in France and all over the world.

The company first targeted professionals, but soon the decision was made to also cater for private customers, so that anyone could enjoy René Pierre's products. In 1977, the firm opened its first store in Paris. This was a success and other stores in Lyon, Chalon-sur-Saone and Bordeaux followed. Nowadays, billiards and football tables have become a worldwide family game, allowing both children and adults to have a great exciting time.

Rene Pierre takes his inspiration from the traditional know-how of the best billiard manufacturers, and from furniture designers. He has created his own line of products, distinguishing himself from his competitors in the pool tables and football tables industry. All his products combine quality of game and design requirements. A real passion plus the respect of fundamental values are at the core of the company's philosophie. They will, more than ever, rule the French brand's future.

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