René Pierre company, manufacturer of football tables and pool tables

For the past 70 years, the René Pierre company has been a leader in designing and manufacturing football tables and pool tables.
We develop products that best suit consumers interiors, following trends in colors, shapes and materials, but always keeping in mind the origin of these games : « café », bars and game rooms.
In 1952, M. René Pierre starts his company in Ranchot, located in Jura, a region of France renowned for its forests and wood workers.
From his small garage to the plant he built in Chalon-Sur-Saône few years later, demand kept on growing for professionals in France, Europe and North America. In the 90th, a 90 degree turn is operated : René Pierre changes his ranges of product to sell directly to consumers.

Stores are opened in Paris, Lyon, and then Bordeaux. Abroad, we develop a network of resellers, capable of delivering and installing our pieces of furniture.

Our ranges evolve: pool tables are redesigned to allow consumers to use it as tables, smaller tables are created to best fit in tinier house or flats, football tables now come with different shapes and color or with female players, an outdoor range is born for both pool and football tables.

Nowadays and worldwide, billiards and football tables have become a family game, allowing both children and adults to have a great exciting time.

Rene Pierre takes his inspiration from the traditional know-how of billiard manufacturers, and from furniture designers. He has created his own line of products, distinguishing himself from his competitors in the pool tables and football tables industry. All his products combine quality of game and design requirements. A real passion plus the respect of fundamental values are at the core of the company’s philosophy. These values will, more than ever, be driving our French brand’s future.


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